4G Internet WORLD device +140 Countries

9,90 / day

    • Base price 9,90€ per day VAT included
    • Mínimum 3 days rent
    • UNLIMITED Internet, once the quota is finished speed will turn down to 256Kb until the end of the day
    • Basic package 500 Mb daily quota;  move it to 1GB for 2€ a day
    • Conectivity up to 5 devices
    • 6 hours of battery in use
    • Charge will be only for days of use, device will be sent one day in advance, and will be picked back one day after the trip is finished on the same address
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Countries visited

Please write the countries you are going to visit during the rent of the device on the zone selected

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Don’t forget you Wifimotion on your next  trip; Our rent includes a confortable case and a cable to charge it anywhere